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Coaches Who Care

Kettlebell Krushers Fitness is a small, award winning fitness studio located in Middleton, Nova Scotia.

For 10 years, Shawn and Alison Ross have been  providing expert coaching & instruction, unique, intelligently designed programs in a positive co-ed environment. Passionate about continuing education, they seek out the very best mentors, peers and programs to bring them to you! No cookie-cutter fitness here! 

 We strongly believe that no matter the age, everyone should work toward greater strength and the ability to move well and without restriction. These principles are at very core of every program we offer.

 Having some of the most unique strength and grip equipment in the Annapolis Valley allows us to guide and coach you toward Finding Your Strong.

Every Kettlebell Krushers Fitness  programs is structured to be 8 weeks in length,  giving  a solid base for beginners and increased progression for more experienced program members!

Always working with the goal of Injury proofing through strength and mobility, giving you the tools to handle whatever life throws at you. We spend time on the mechanics of all exercises and movements, modifying, regressing and progressing when needed. 

"Do it right until you can't do it wrong"


Knowledgeable Training Expertise

At Kettlebell Krushers Fitness, we offer comprehensive fitness programs. Whether you are a recreational exerciser wanting to increase general physical preparedness or an elite athlete with sport specific goals,  

our programs are for you! 

In any of our programs you can expect to be doing basic human movement like pushing, pulling, squatting and crawling! Getting back to the basics!

We offer workshops & seminars both on and off-site, sport specific training, private training & special events! 

You may see us at various events around the 

Annapolis Valley!

 Nutrition services also available with a 

Precision Nutrition L1 coach .

"If you can't do it slow, you can't do it fast"



We strive to make our classes as affordable as possible with lots of options to choose from!

Class mix & match options are listed below. It is recommended, however that if this is your first Kettlebell Krushers Fitness class experience, sticking to one class type for the first 8 weeks is recommended. This fosters technique & skill competency as well as exercise literacy.

Class fee is due on or before your first class and can be paid by cash/cheque or e-transfer to kettlebellkrushers@gmail.com.

All our classes are suitable for every fitness level and do not need any prior experience with the equipment being used.

IMPORTANT! If you are registering for your first ever Kettlebell Krushers Fitness session, have been away for more than 6 months, or have had a health change please fill out a Par Q  form and a Liability release. 

If you have a more complex health background, please use the PAR Q Plus form. 

* Please make us aware of any health concerns/injuries not covered by the Par Q/Par Q Plus forms *

* Always get medical clearance before you begin any exercise program if needed. *


LIFT - $100/2 x week for 8 weeks

Kettlebell - $100/2 x week for 8 weeks

Kettlebell -$75/1 x week for 8 weeks

UNLIMITED MOVEMENT - $100/2 X week for 8 weeks

UNLIMITED MOVEMENT - $75/1 X week for 8 weeks

Available Combo classes:

2 LIFT classes/week + 2 Kettlebell classes/week- $220

2 LIFT classes/week + 1 Kettlebell class/week - $215

1 LIFT class/week + 1 Kettlebell class/week - $110

2 Kettlebell classes + 1 LIFT class/week - $200



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Krushers Q & A

Q: Do I need to already be "in shape" before I begin Kettlebell Krushers Fitness program?

A: Absolutely not! Period.

Q: Do I already need to be familiar with the equipment we will be using in the programs?

A: No. Our coaches will always give the  instruction you need.  Both for safety and for your progression through the programs

Q: Why don't you offer punchcards or drop in for new participants?

A: The only way to get better at something is to show up. Consistently. That's why all our programs are 8 weeks in length and the more classes you can attend the better! You are learning new skills, techniques and challenging your brain!